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Job Opportunity at Mark Twain Health Care District

Now Hiring:  TeleHealth Coordinator
Employment Opportunity at MTHCD

Mark Twain Health Care District is hiring a coordinator to run the new TeleHealth Program, including the RoboDoc Program. This position entails both the administrative management as well as the day-to-day operations. Applicant needs healthcare experience, computer skills, and management skills. Hourly wage will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Position is 20-30 hours per week and may include benefits.

Send letter of interest, contact information and resume to or fax to (209) 754-2537.

MORE INFORMATION on RoboDoc and the TeleHealth Programs

The RoboDoc program is our effort to provide health care and support for the school nurses in Calaveras County. We’re providing a telehealth connection directly to the school and to the nurse, where our pediatricians can get on the computer, evaluate the child, interact with the nurse, and provide at a minimum an opinion about what is wrong and what to do about it.

Three doctors from Valley Springs Health &Wellness Center are participating in the program, which is planned to begin at four pilot locations, ideally at the beginning of this coming school year. At each location, rolling carts will be equipped with computers – probably connected to stethoscopes and otoscopes – which will connect doctors, nurses and students.

The doctor in the clinic will be able to look in ears, look at tonsils, listen to lungs, listen to hearts, and do quite a bit from a remote location .Pediatricians in the clinic will be available to the school nurses pretty much all business hours for consultation.

The e-consult program is expected to begin next week, and will help connect local residents with specialty care not readily available in the county. Patients will be able to meet virtually with specialists – neurologists, rheumatologists and others – and access remote care from a work room in the Valley Springs clinic with help from a nurse.

Also being discussed is a telehealth program for senior centers to provide care on select days, which will be similar to the RoboDoc program for schools, as well as a tele-pharmacy program based out of the soon-to-come pharmacy located at the Valley Springs clinic.

Access to telehealth is especially important in rural areas like Calaveras County.