Measure A: What You Need to Know!

Mark Twain Health Care District

Educational Material

Measure A 

1.      Measure A :  Proposes to Lease Mark Twain Medical Center to Dignity Health for the next 30 years

2.      Measure A: Does not raise your taxes, does not change your tax bill


3.      Secures The Future of Mark Twain Hospital, 5 Family medical Centers, and 3 Specialty Clinics

a.      Ensures continuation of a county general acute care hospital

b.      Guarantees continuation of services and clinics for the first five years

c.       Continues telehealth services


4.      Provides for Economic Benefit to Calaveras County Not Seen Before

a.      Keeps over 300 jobs and brings in over $30 million per year to the county

b.      Gives a $2million dollar grant to the Mark Twain Hospital Foundation

c.       Provides revenue to the Health Care District that will be used for health and wellness


5.      Ensures a Dependable and Stable Physician/Provider workforce

a.      Over 80% of county physicians are employed by Mark Twain Medical Center

b.      MTMC/Dignity Health are actively and successfully recruiting more doctors


6.      Prevents Mark Twain Medical Center from Possible Closure

a.      Rural hospitals all over the country are closing, several in California

b.      Those that are not closing, are consolidating with partners like Dignity Health

c.       Mark Twain Medical Center cannot exist independently


7.      Enables Rapid Access to In-Patient and Out-Patient Specialty Care in a Reputable System

a.      Dignity Health specialty care is rated as some of the best in the nation

b.      Patients can be rapidly transferred to state-of-the-art centers for strokes, heart attacks, and cancer


8.      The New Lease (Measure A) Positions the Health Care District to Best Fill the County’s Healthcare Gaps

a.      The lease revenue from Dignity Health will be turned into new clinics, new services, such as behavioral health, dental services, children’s health needs, and much more

b.      Measure A also positions the Health Care District to partner with other county organizations and leverage available funds

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