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Community Resources

The primary goal of Mark Twain Health Care District is to ensure the continued presence and successful operation of a high quality hospital that serves all residents of Calaveras County. Our mission is to Partner with Mark Twain Medical Center and Dignity Health to optimize physician development through successful recruitment and retention strategies and processes, to review and evaluate lease agreements with Mark Twain Medical Center corporation and develop lease discussion processes.

The secondary goal of Mark Twain Health Care District is to collaborate with the Mark Twain Medical Center Foundation to establish it as the foundation of choice for health services in Calavaras County. Our mission is to assist in identifying strategies for building a strong donor base, fundraising for the new Angels Camp clinic, fundraising for new hospital equipment and continuing to provide strong support in community education.

Mark Twain Medical Center Services

Mark Twain Medical Center helps to keep people healthy so they can enjoy a good life by offering the next generation of excellent health care in Calaveras County. MTMC has provided quality health care for over 50 years and is recognized as the leader in meeting the diverse health care needs of Calaveras County, and in working to make our community a healthier place to live. Learn more …

Mark Twain Medical Center Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit fundraising organization created by a caring community to help support its local hospital. In 1982, a concerned and dedicated Calaveras County community recognized the need and started organizing the first Hospital Foundation. In 1984, it became a reality and within two years, the Foundation raised $92,000 to purchase and install the first mammography equipment in Calaveras County. Since then, the Foundation has been instrumental in acquiring various equipment, updating patient care rooms, and donating $1 million dollars to the MTMC Building Fund.