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District Policies 

In 2015 the Mark Twain Health Care District changed all of its bylaws into policies.  This was done to meet the certification requirements of ACHD.  Hence, the following policies represent the bylaws of the District.

Policies & Procedures Board Approved May 27, 2015.pdfPolicies & Procedures Index Pg Last Updated 2017-06-21.pdfPolicy 2 - Board Adopted 2015-05-27.docx2021 Policy 3 - Term of Office (to PC 3-2-2021) (Brd Approved 3-24-2021 Resolution 2021-03 on Apr. 28, 2021).pdf2021 Policy 4 - Officers of the Dist._to PC 3-2-2021_ (Brd Approved 3-24-2021 Resolution 2021-03 on Apr.pdf2018 Policy 5 Committees of Board; Pub Info Off; Auditors (Board Approved 2018-10-24).pdf2018 Policy 6 Board Meetings; Date; Time; Location; Quorum (Board Approved 2018-07-25).pdf2018 Policy 7 Attendance at Meetings (Board Approved 2018-10-24).pdf2018 Policy 8 Board Meeting Agenda (Board Approved 2018-10-24).pdf2018 Policy 9 Topics for Discussion at Board Meetings (Board Approved 2018-06-27).pdf2018 Policy 10 Conduct of Mtg (Board Approved 2018-06-27).pdfPolicy 11 - Board Adopted 2015-05-27.docx2018 Policy 12 Conflict of Interest Code & Ethics (Board Approved 2018-07-25).pdf2018 Policy 13 Appointments to the District Board (Board Approved 2018-07-25).pdf2018 Policy 14 Conduct Related to Elections (Board Approved 2018-09-26).pdf2018 Policy 15 Director Compensation & Travel Reimbursement (Board Approved 2018-11-28).pdf2018 Policy 16 Membership in Associations (Board Approved 2018-09-26).pdfPolicy 17 - Board Adopted 2015-05-27.docxPolicy 18 - Board Adopted 2015-05-27.docx2020 Policy 19 Public Record Requests to Board Approved 1-21-2020.pdf2020 Policy 20 Records Retention (Last Updated Dec 18 2019) Board Approved 1-21-2020.pdf2020 Policy 21 (Last Updated Dec 18 2019 Board Approved 1-21-2020).pdf2018 Policy 22 Investments (Board Approved 10-24-2018).pdf2017 Policy 23 Request for Public Funds Community Grants & Sponsorships w form (Board Approved 2017-06-21).pdf2020 Policy 24 (Last Updated Dec 18 2019 ) Board Approved 1-21-2020.pdf2019 Policy 25 Reserve (Board Approved Feb. 27, 2019).pdfPolicy 26 - Board Adopted 2015-05-27.docx2017 Policy 27 Credit Card (Board Approved 2017-03-22.pdf2018 Policy 28 Finance Committee Community Member (Board Approved 2018-02-28).pdf2018 Policy 29 Board of Directors iPad Usage (Board Approved 2018-09-26).pdf2019 Policy 32 Debt Management (Board Approved 2019-01-30).pdf