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Our Mission


2018 Calaveras High School Scholarship Winners:

“Through community collaboration, we serve as the stewards of a community health system that ensures our residents have the dignity of access to care that provides high quality, professional and compassionate health care”.


The Mark Twain Health Care District (MTHCD), is a public agency which owns the Mark Twain Medical Center building and grounds, and leases its operations to Mark Twain Medical Center Corporation.
The Mark Twain Health Care District is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the individuals and communities of Calaveras County.
Establish and maintain identity of the MTHCD.
Accountability Communication Collaboration Education Stewardship Service
The cumulative effect of these values is the focus on ACCESS to health care in Calaveras County.
To support these values we have developed a series of Goals and Objectives that will assists the MTHCD board and community in monitoring our process and progress.

Goal #1

Mark Twain Medical Center is a high quality hospital serving all residents of Calaveras County.

  • Partner with Mark Twain Medical Center and Dignity Health to optimize provider development through recruitment and retention.
  • Review and evaluate the lease agreement with Mark Twain Medical Center Corporation.
  • Execute a new lease with MTMC Corporation

Goal #2

Collaborate with the Mark Twain Medical Center Foundation to establish it as the foundation of choice for health services in Calaveras County.

  • Assist Fundraising for the new Angel’s Camp and Valley Springs clinics.
  • Identify new capital improvements for the Mark Twain Medical Center.
  • Host community health education services.
  • Golden Health Awards

Goal #3

Develop with Mark Twain Medical Center and The Dignity Health System decision criteria for the provision of comprehensive Medical/Health services

  • Improve and implement the Regional Health needs assessment to identify specific areas of focus Calaveras County.
  • Support and expand Telemedicine/Telehealth

Goal #4

Establish the public identity of the Mark Twain Health Care District.

  • Publish annual report of the MTHCD for the community.
  • Maintain highly functional web site that allows the community we serve to understand our services and meeting process.
  • Increase over all visibility of the MTHCD through its activities throughout Calaveras County.
  • Maintain Scholarship awards to motivate medical/health careers.

Goal #5

Support access to care

  • Fund Health Fairs in multiple communities noting programs supported.
  • Facilitate discussions about Community Education
  • Promote medical clinics in multiple communities.
  • Support safety net programs and services.
  • Partner with Calaveras County Public Health Programs

Goal #6

Development and completion of Valley Springs Project.

  • Complete Valley Springs Medical Center Project
  • Assess community needs for development of adjacent properties for future use.
  • Establish business plan for management of this project

Goals and Objectives Reviewed June 22, 2015