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Healthcare Science Education In Calaveras Receives Grant Funding

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Calaveras, CA–A new grant for $35,000 was received from California Health Care Foundation(CHCF) and will be used to bolster and expand the Career Technical Education(CTE) program that benefits Calaveras students seeking a career in healthcare. In addition to that funding, Mark Twain Health Care District approved a $25,000 grant.

The CHCF is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving California’s health care system.

Chief Executive Officer of the Mark Twain Health Care District Dr. Randall Smart is optimistic about partnering with the school system, he explained. “The Mark Twain Health Care District is strongly committed to supporting our youth.  We want every student to have the educational opportunity to explore the exciting and rewarding world of healthcare service.  Our future depends on these young adults using their incredible skills to serve the sick and disabled. This partnership with the Calaveras County Office of Education will serve our county well.”

In addition, Superintendent of Schools Scott Nanik expressed his excitement about the opportunities this gives Students by saying “The financial support from these partners demonstrate how high-quality programs can be developed and grown in the Motherlode. The efforts of the Calaveras Education Workforce Development initiative and CCOE are paying off for our students.”

Written by Nic Peterson