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March 9, 2020 Deadline to Apply for Community Grants and Sponsorships

All Grant and Sponsorship requests must be submitted in writing on the MTHCD Golden Health Community Grant and Sponsorship Form (below) and must be filled out in accordance with instructions provided. Completed Golden Health Community Grant and Sponsorship Request Forms shall be returned to the District Grants Committee by mail or email within the specified time frame. Deadline for applications is Monday, March 9, 2020.

Requests for Grant and Sponsorship applications will go out in February. Grant and Sponsorship applications will be reviewed and recipients will be selected in March. All applicants will receive notification letters of grant awards or denials in April. Recipients will receive grant awards in April and press releases will follow.

The request must address identified community health care needs as envisioned by the Mission Statement and the Strategic Plan. These include local health and wellness programs, community-based clinics, health provider educational programs, and other programs and organizations that promote physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Areas of consideration may include, but are not limited to, Behavioral Health, Dental, Rehabilitation, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Veteran’s Programs, Senior Programs, Respite Care, Home Health Services, Community Health Services and Tele-Health Technology. (Wages and Salaries are not eligible.)

When requesting Grant funding for health care related equipment, requestors should consider service contract pricing, warranty pricing, supplemental equipment pricing, training, and related expenses, etc. to arrive at the total estimated price. Copies of price quotes should be attached to the request form

When requesting Sponsorship funding for health fairs, health education and training projects, etc. requestors should provide complete information about the event/project and how it relates directly to providing health-related services to people in this District.

The District shall have the option to sponsor student scholarships in human health-related fields of higher learning, health education classes or other community services, at its own discretion, outside of the above sponsorship process, as deemed appropriate.


2019 Grant Recipients

Learn more and apply using the link below:

Policy 23 Grants & Sponsorship Policy and Application.2020.pdfGrant Recipients_2019.pdfCommunity Grants Awarded on 4-25-2018 (1).docx