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Stay Vertical, Calaveras -2023  UPDATED SCHEDULE

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CLASS SCHEDULE –  Please forward questions via the form below.

Stay Vertical, Calaveras is a Fall Prevention Program that provides FREE Strength Training and Tai Chi classes throughout Calaveras County!

Each unit goes for 16 classes and participants are encouraged to complete all 16 classes.


All classes are provided FREE through a grant from the Mark Twain Health Care District.

If you are a returning exerciser, please sign up through your instructor.

Any new participants fill out the form below, including the class you want.

Please call (209)256-2022 for more information


                                                                      2023 NEW SCHEDULE

CommunityDescriptionDayTimeLocation & ContactStart
ArnoldTai Chi 1 for ArthritisMon & Wed12:00pm-1:00pmChapel in the Pines (Elizabeth)Resumes Fall 2023
Valley SpringsStrength TrainingMon & Wed11:00am-12:00pmPower Up Fitness - (Danette / Jen)    Currently in session
Valley SpringsStrength TrainingTue & Thurs9:30am- 10:30amMethodist Church  135 Laurel St     (Sharen)  Resumes  Sept 5
Valley SpringsTai Chi 1 for ArthritisTue & Thurs10:30am-11:30amMethodist Church 135 Laurel St   (Sharen)  Resumes  Sept 5
Valley SpringsTai Chi 2 for ArthritisTue & Thurs11:30am-12:30pmMethodist Church 135 Laurel St (Sharen)Begins   Sept 5
MurphysStrength TrainingFri11:00am-12:00pmMurphys Senior Center    (Kelly)Currently in session
MurphysChair FitnessTue & Thurs10:00am-11:00amMurphys Senior Center  (Louise)Resumes Sept 5
West PointQi Gong TBDTBDBlue Mountain Coalition  364 Main St.Looking for Instructor
West PointTai Chi 1 for ArthritisTBDTBDBlue Mountain Coalition 364 Main St.Looking for Instructor
CopperopolisStrength TrainingWed & Fri9:00am-10:00amGot Your Six Fitness 60 Copper Cove Dr. Suite H (Jacquelyne)Currently in session
CopperopolisTai Chi 1 for ArthritisWed & Fri10:00am-11:00amGot Your Six Fitness   60 Copper Cove Dr.  Suite H  (Jacquelyne)  Currently in session
San AndreasQi Gong Tue & Thurs3:00pm-4:00pmMark Twain Medical Center 768 Mountain Ranch Rd  Classroom 1 (Evelyne)Currently in session
San AndreasTai Chi 1 for ArthritisTue & Thurs4:00pm-5:00pm Mark Twain Medical Center   768 Mountain Ranch Rd  Classroom 1 (Evelyne)Currently in session
San AndreasSeated Tai ChiMark Twain Medical Center 768 Mountain Ranch Rd  Classroom 1 (Evelyne)Coming Soon!
Angels CampComing Soon!Looking for a venue!Coming soon!
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