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Stay Vertical, Calaveras -2023  UPDATED SCHEDULE

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CLASS SCHEDULE –  Please forward questions via the form below.

Stay Vertical, Calaveras is a Fall Prevention Program that provides FREE Strength Training and Tai Chi classes throughout Calaveras County.

Classes will follow COVID-safe guidelines with masks and social distancing!

Each unit goes for 16 classes and participants are expected to complete all 16 classes.


All classes are provided FREE through a grant from the Mark Twain Health Care District.

If you are a returning exerciser, please sign up through your instructor.

Any new participants fill out the form below, including the class you want.

Please call (209)256-2022 for more information


                                                                      2023 NEW SCHEDULE

CommunityDescriptionDayTimeLocation & ContactStart
ArnoldTai Chi 1 for ArthritisMon & Wed12:00pm-1:00pmChapel in the Pines (Elizabeth)Resumes Fall 2023
Valley SpringsStrength TrainingMon & Wed11:00am-12:00pmPower Up Fitness - (Danette / Jen)    pending
Valley SpringsStrength TrainingTue & Thurs9:30am- 10:30amMethodist Church  135 Laurel St     (Sharen) now thru June 22 - resumes again Sept 5
Valley SpringsTai Chi 1 for ArthritisTue & Thurs10:30am-11:30amMethodist Church 135 Laurel St   (Sharen) now thru June 22 - resumes again Sept 5
Valley SpringsTai Chi 2 for ArthritisTue & Thurs11:30am-12:30pmMethodist Church 135 Laurel St (Sharen)Coming Soon! begins Sept 5
MurphysStrength TrainingFri11:00am-12:00pmMurphys Senior Center    (Kelly)on-going
MurphysChair FitnessTue & Thurs10:00am-11:00amMurphys Senior Center  (Louise)on-going
West PointQi Gong (Mindful Movement)TBDTBDBlue Mountain Coalition  364 Main St.Looking for Instructor
West PointTai Chi 1for ArthritisTBDTBDBlue Mountain Coalition 364 Main St.Looking for Instructor
CopperopolisStrength TrainingWed & Fri9:00am-10:00amGot Your Six Fitness 60 Copper Cove Dr. Suite H (Jacquelyne)on-going
CopperopolisTai Chi 1 for ArthritisWed & Fri10:00am-11:00amGot Your Six Fitness   60 Copper Cove Dr.  Suite H  (Jacquelyne)  on-going
San AndreasQi Gong (Mindful Movement)Tue & Thurs3:00pm-4:00pmSan Andreas Senior Center 956 Mountain Ranch Rd (Evelyne)on-going
San AndreasTai Chi 1 for ArthritisTue & Thurs4:00pm-5:00pmSan Andreas Senior Center 956 Mountain Ranch Rd (Evelyne)on-going
San AndreasSeated Tai ChiMon & WedTBDSan Andreas Senior Center 956 Mountain Ranch Rd (Evelyne)TBD
Angels CampComing Soon!Looking for a venue!Coming soon!
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